Navigational Warnings (NW)

List of Navigational Warnings (NavWarns) in force for the Polish Maritime Areas promulgated by BHMW/HOPN as NAVTEX, Coastal and Local NavWarns

NavWarn number Download NavWarn Type Promulgation date Remarks
028/2019 PDF NAVTEX 18.02.2019 3:27 Southern Baltic. Polish Coast. Hydrographic Surveys.
027/2019 PDF NAVTEX 18.02.2019 12:07 Southern Baltic. Polish Coast. Slupska Bank. Geophysical survey.
013/2019 PDF NAVTEX 26.01.2019 9:24 SŁUPSKA BANKA .reduced depth area

ON lokalne Urzędów Morskich / UM local NW

NavWarn number Urząd Morski Promulgation date Download
GA_019/2019 UM Gdynia 18.02.2019 9:12 PDF
SN AKTUALNE UM Szczecin 18.02.2019 11:13 PDF
GA_017/2019 UM Gdynia 14.02.2019 8:56 PDF
SL_026/2018 UM Słupsk 07.01.2019 10:30 PDF
GA_009/2019 UM Gdynia 04.01.2019 2:06 PDF
GA_006/2019 UM Gdynia 04.01.2019 11:31 PDF
GA_003/2019 UM Gdynia 02.01.2019 12:38 PDF
GA_002/2019 UM Gdynia 02.01.2019 12:37 PDF