Purchasing procedures

Charts and nautical publications published by the Hydrographic Office of the Polish Navy are purchasable only on the mail-order sale and non-cash payment bases through Komenda Portu Wojennego w Gdyni, KPW Gdynia (Headquarters Naval Port of Gdynia). Because of the above, orders should be placed by:

• e-mail:     bhmw.sprzedaz.wydawnictw@ron.mil.pl, or

• ph.:  +48 723-632-008 07:30 to 14:30 hrs. (LT).

and contain all details necessary to submit an invoice, including a contact phone number. Inquiries should be made and orders arranged by phone at: +48 723-632-008,  

The current Price List (PDF, downloadable) is available at Download the Price List in PDF format.

NOTE HOPN does not offer a chart and publications correction service. Ordered charts and publications are shipped through the POCZTEX courier service immediately after the payment has been transferred to the KPW Gdynia bank account. VAT invoice is attached to the shipped parcel. Purchased charts and publications may also be collected in person at the sales point after particular day and hour has been agreed by phone.